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Even though we're all doing it, it is not always easy being a human. Life's curriculum is varied and challenging. Everyone has difficult times and- I hope- everyone also experiences times of celebration.

I've sought to be useful to others my whole life. I have a knack for putting people at ease and holding space for them. It took until adulthood to learn I was doing it all wrong. I was ignoring my needs to try to meet the needs of others.

I'm grateful now to harness my gifts with people (and animals as it turns out!) in ways that are empowering to them AND to me. Reiki is the first"job" I have done where I feel a boost of energy from my work with others.

I found Reiki out of necessity. I needed to reconnect with my body's messages. I hadn't been listening for such a long time, I could no longer hear. Reiki helped me get back in touch with myself. The simple technique yields such power for healing. It feels like my internal systems are prompted to rebalance but its so subtle, I don't get the urge to think them out of it. :) Reiki goes to where it is needed- I don't even have to know where that is. It's been a relief to strengthen the bridge to my inner voice.

When I saw how it helped me, I wanted to share it with others. If you like, you can read some testimonials below. People and animals seem to enjoy Reiki treatments! The people can tell me in spoken or written language. Animals show me in varied ways. I hold deep appreciation for them both.

My particular healing path has led me to try many healing tools and modalities. Concurrently, my life path has helped me experience depths of grief and heights of joy. I believe the challenges I have faced have only made me more sincere and compassionate toward others. I bring an open-heart to this work and consider it an honor. <3


"Marshall performed Reiki on my pup, Juno, when I was going through a particularly rough time in my life and was concerned about my dear little emotional sponge. Put at ease by Marshall's calming presence, he was comfortable with the process immediately- a rarity, given his high energy levels. Marshall's work noticeably helped him relax and recenter. So grateful for the support of her awesome work.

- Erin L.

"I have known Marshall for many years and am so incredibly impressed by her commitment to healing and growth. As a Reiki practitioner, Marshall brings a level of high integrity, compassion and care that is reflective of her attentive nature to the healing process. She worked with my 11 ½ year old English Shepard mix, Jaz, when Jaz experienced a sudden flare of back hip/leg pain. Marshall not only made an emergency house call, she intuitively knew exactly how to put Jaz at ease to receive the Reiki treatment. It was great to witness this immediate bond but also, even better, to see my sweet dog relax in Marshall’s presence and take in the healing energy. The best gift of all was the improvement in Jaz’s discomfort level. I will no doubt continue to call on Marshall to treat my two dogs as they age with grace & help from her gift!"

- Liz G.

"I recently did a session with Marshall as I was going through a tough time in my life. She made me feel completely comfortable (this was my first Reiki session and I didn't know what to expect). In the days following, I felt a sense of balance that I hadn't had in a very long time. Marshall really helped me on my path to healing! I can't recommend seeing her more."

- Emily D.

More Testimonials

"Marshall has been a gift for both me and my pet!"

- Sarah C.

"As a fellow Reiki Master, I have enjoyed working with Marshall's pure spirit and professionalism. She quickly puts people at ease and is a joy to work with!"

- Jennifer P.

"Marshall is bringing us a wonderful gift through her reiki practice. Marshall fills the space with calm, soothing energy, and is open to any and all questions. She centers the comfort, growth, and openness of her clients (both human and other mammal!), and is totally consent-focused in her approach. I would recommend Marshall's services to people who fall on any part of the experience spectrum- whether energy work is your bread and butter, or you're hearing the word reiki in casual conversation over coffee for the first time. Do yourself or a loved animal companion a favor and book her services! She also focuses her reiki-for-humans practice on other healers/caregivers, which is so rad."

- Caroline W.

"Filled with abundant love and caring, Reiki with Marshall feels like a safe and secure place to heal and process. Her openness and desire to further one's healing is the perfect companion for anyone's journey. I loved my time with her and look forward to more!"

- Nicole G.

"Very positive experiences. I would encourage anyone who is interested in this form of healing to check out this practice. Marshall is awesome and puts in special effort to make you feel comfortable and safe."

- Jacob D.

"What a positive experience! I haven’t tried energy work until recently, but this has totally made me aware of how beneficial energy work can be. Marshall has a sweet soothing presence and explains every step well. I’ve heard that reiki can heal a multitude of ailments, but I’d rather explain my experience in the way it made the most sense to me. I felt bogged down, stressed, and tense. It seemed like an energetic plumbin to get rid of any clogs. Afterward, I am feeling more positive, energetic, and lighter. I am so grateful!"

- Scout H.

"Highly recommended! Marshall came to my home to give me and my cats reiki treatments for the two days following my myomectomy surgery this spring. It was so helpful that she came to my house, as I was in a lot of pain and was under doctor's orders to stay home for the first few days. It was wonderful to be able to be on my own bed where it was very comfortable. Both sessions were very relaxing and peaceful. I could feel the reiki energy throughout my body and it felt very healing. Soon after we started each session, my 2 cats laid on the bed next to me, touching my leg, and laying there peacefully throughout the entirety of both sessions. It was a wonderful way to experience the reiki sessions together. The second day, Marshall gave my 2 cats their own individual reiki treatments as well, and they both benefitted, too, especially my one cat who has a lot of anxiety. He was much calmed and mellow during and after treatment for several days. He was very drawn to Marshall- whereas he usually hides under the bed from people. Marshall is very professional, and has a calm, comforting presence. She is a gifted healer."

- Ongie K.

About this Practice

When I learned about Reiki through my massage therapist and started learning, I found self-treatments so helpful, I decided to develop a professional practice. I was also shocked to realize that "working" with others with Reiki actually energized me instead of depleting me like every other job I've ever had.

I kept the checks from my first paid Reiki client and my first paid Animal Reiki client and framed them. I look at them every day and think about how special it is that I've been able to create a work-life that is both meaningful to me and healing for others. I am one lucky little person.

Though I'm enthusiastic about my practice as a whole, there are several areas that really light up my heart.

  • Working with animals in their homes- I can't explain the feeling that washes over me when I step into someone's home, trusted to work with their pet. I always feel immense gratitude to be invited in because it is an honor right from the get-go. Animals generally love Reiki because it soothes them and I am so fortunate to have a natural calming presence with them. I love connecting with animals in this way and I suspect that the guardians/owners and the space itself gets a boost from the energy field.
  • Working with healers, caregivers and folks in recovery or grief- The importance of taking care of ourselves when we're in the helping/health profession is huge and our own healing impacts our availability to be great facilitators for others. Both folks working in healing fields and those working on their own recovery often see great benefits with Reiki. I like the chance to hear folks' stories and learn what they're grappling with as well as what they feel great about in their present lives. Reiki supports the inner voice and wisdom of the recipient and it offers deep rest which is vital to our caregivers. It is important work caring for others and ourselves. I'm grateful to offer this special focus and I offer a discount on packages to those who are in therapy or active in a recovery program.
  • Developing the Radical Reiki Program- Rad Reiki is a sliding scale subscription service that allows folks to sponsor someone they know or an animal for a modest fee each month. It is a great use for activists and folks in marginal communities because of the amount of energy they have to expend just to be who they are in society. When I had the idea to create this, I was recalling my aunt and uncle texting me to say, "We just watched the film, Milk, and wanted to tell you how much we love you. We realized we probably don't know or the kind of stuff you go through being a queer person." (FYI: I'm still a white person so I want to acknowledge that privilege.) The Rad Reiki program is perfect for something like this, someone saying, "I have a relative/friend who is black/queer/latinx/trans/etc. and I want to send them some extra healing energy each month." OR "My friend/relative has an aging dog/cat with chronic condition, etc..." The first tier is $5-$20 to have a Reiki send-out TWICE per month. I'm always looking for new ways to be accessible. I know the cost of an hour treatment is often not feasible for many, many people, especially in places like Asheville where the great divide is so great between those who have all they need and those who do not. I'm quite passionate about this program, especially since it can be used for people and animals in any location!
  • Offering Care Plans- I have recently begun offering Care Plans that are charged on a recurring basis each month. The plans are set up for 12 months but can be cancelled earlier and folks are still able to save some money this way. I have a few animals who are aging and Reiki is helpful to maintain quality of life in their later years. Care Plans are perfect for this purpose. Also, many folks want to use Reiki for acute issues, spiritual development or something their working on over a period of time. This is also a great use of a Care Plan because if they've gone through a 4 treatment package in a month and want to continue receiving treatments, they have the option for 2 treatments a month and are able to save $15 each month. If they do decide to continue care at that rate for the year, they'll save $180 on treatments.
  • Releasing The Cup of Cope Podcast- I talk more about this below but I'm psyched to offer a podcast that's not focused on Reiki specifically but on all kinds of self-healing, energies and coping tools. I'm an enthusiast about coping and love finding ways to bring more joy and meaning to life and to love ourselves and others more. This has been a really exciting journey and I have a feeling it is just the beginning! <3

Work & Studies

I graduated from UNC Asheville in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with focus in Video Production. In 2015, I developed my LLC which was originally a video production company, Copper Hammer Productions. "Finely crafted films built story by story."

My father died in 2011 and I realized I wanted to do more meaningful work. In 2012, I left my 6 year job at Biltmore Winery to start as a paraprofessional at Open Hearts Art Center, a habilitative day program for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Until Reiki, that was certainly the most heart-full work of my life. I worked there for about 3.5 years. I still get over to Open Hearts to see the wonderful community to which I will always feel deeply connected.

I finished my Reiki training for 1, 2 and Master Level in August of 2017 and began practicing professionally on November 1, 2017.

I am currently enrolled in One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and will complete my training for ministry in June, 2021. I don't have all the information yet of where my seminary training will take me. I do have some ideas and no matter what, I know it will further inform my life and my work in the world.

I've started a podcast on self-healing, energy and anything relative called Cup of Cope. I am a coping tools enthusiast and enjoy discourse about how we can love ourselves and each other more and build better lives. I've seen video reach viewers on an emotional level and I think podcasts are also a great medium for connecting with our community, society and world. I'm excited to keep working on these!

About Copper Hammer Productions LLC

Marshall established Copper Hammer Productions LLC in May of 2015 and designed the company to offer multiple services with the flexibility to evolve and change. My interests and passions have historically been quite variable. They narrowed their career focus into these elements: to help others in a meaningful way, to use creativity in work and expression, to be perpetually learning. Any venture of Copper Hammer Productions links up to at least one area of those goals- ideally, to all of three.

Video production was one of the first roles of the company and those services are no longer available. However, the video portfolio is still available to view.