Asheville Cat Weirdos Promotion

Now extended through Summer 2018

This promotion is specifically for Asheville Cat Weirdos and those who want to support the Asheville Cat Weirdos Emergency Fund!

For any ACW cat receiving their first in-home Reiki treatment, $10.50 of the total cost ($70) will be donated to the Asheville Cat Weirdos Emergency Fund (ACWEF).

ACW Emergency Fund is...

"a donation driven fund that is available to cats and their owners in the Buncombe area to assist with unexpected and life threatening veterinary costs.

In its first year of existence, the ACW Emergency Fund has helped save over forty cats in our community, and we are constantly working towards keeping funds available for those in need. We are an IRS-recognized, 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law."

This excerpt was taken from the ACWEF Facebook Page where more information can be found.


  • Must be an Asheville Cat Weirdo (member of the Facebook page).
  • Must consent to in-home treatment for your cat. (Talk to me about dogs, too!)
  • Must pay the full first-time treatment fee for the 15% to be donated to ACWEF/to take advantage of this promotion.

Potential Side Effects:

  • Turning into an enthusiastic cheerleader for Animal Reiki! :D (Just playin' but maybe.)

I would like a Reiki treatment for my cat. What can I expect?

There's an intake form for you to fill out ahead of the treatment which can be filled out on a computer. (No printer is necessary.) I will send the link to you as soon as I get you scheduled. :)

An in-person Reiki treatment for a pet is conducted in the animal's home, preferably with a trusted guardian present.

In my experience, cats need a little time to size up the practitioner and make sure they are safe. It is my job to let them know they're in full control and that I'm only here to help. Cats generally relax more easily in the presence of a trusted guardian. When the cat sees the guardian is okay with the practitioner being there, the cat may feel more at ease. I do seek permission from the cat before any treatment begins.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical care. It is best to let your veterinarian know ahead of time that you're seeking a Reiki treatment for your cat. Though Reiki is a gentle and noninvasive healing method, there are certain conditions for which a veterinarian may have hesitations.

The treatment time for a cat varies but animals typically receive the energy they need faster than humans. The approximate time for the entire visit is an hour though it could be shorter or longer. In the case that a cat doesn't give permission for treatment, the practitioner will honor the cat's wishes. This builds trust between the practitioner and the cat. Therefore, the chance improves that the cat might give permission at a later date.

Reiki is rooted in the belief that we each have within us what we need to heal. We don't have to understand or articulate it for healing to take place. Your cat is no exception to this! :) In fact, I believe cats are such intuitive beings, it is likely that they know at least as much about Reiki as we do, if not more, and that often makes it a good fit.

Cats react differently to Reiki depending on what is in need of balancing. Some cats appear to be "blissed out" and in a state of pure relaxation during the treatment. Other cats can be a little playful and coy and take their time before relaxing.

After a treatment, a cat will need access to a lot of water to drink and may be restful for the rest of the day. Over the next several days, you may notice changes in your cat. It is important to me to get an update (or two) from the guardian over the next week letting me know how the cat is doing and if anything seems different than before the treatment.

I'm excited for the opportunity to meet your cats and to be the best channel possible for their healing! I find that the animals I work with come into my mind very frequently, even ones I haven't seen in months. I am honored to be doing this work.

Additionally, I am grateful for the ACWEF and I look forward to contributing, with your help, to this amazing organization!

In gratitude and warmth,


Reiki for Today offers first time, in-home animal Reiki treatments for a fee of $70.

This fee covers locations within Asheville or within 10 miles from Pack Square, Asheville's city center.

For locations outside of Asheville, the first in-home treatment fee is $80.

This fee applies to homes located between 10+ and 25 miles from Asheville's city center, Pack Square.