Animal Reiki

Healing for your Loving Companion or Best Friend

About Animal Reiki for Cats and Dogs (and other animals)

Reiki is a powerful tool to use with animals. Many pets are open and curious about Reiki and if they allow the energy to flow through them, it helps them to relax. In cases where animals are injured or physically suffering from illness, Reiki can help promote internal healing. And just as Reiki soothes the mind, body and spirit of humans, the energy helps animals the same way. In fact, animals often take in the amount of energy they need more quickly than humans do.

Reiki Masters have volunteered at animal shelters, hospitals and have even sent Reiki remotely to animals in need.

Animals also have a system of chakras. They also may have blockages in their bodies or energy fields that Reiki works to open up and release. Animals have inner wisdom and Reiki reinforces their natural healing processes similarly to how it works with humans.

Marshall in session with a dog.

Reiki Practitioners must gain permission from the animal before the animal can receive a Reiki treatment. If the animal doesn't give permission, the practitioner will honor the animal and ask again at a later time.

Usually, animals give permission when the practitioner earns their trust and they can tell the energy is only going to help them. They also let the practioner know when their session is ending.

Most animals show their benefit from the process by displaying more energy or more calm depending on where the imbalance originated. Reiki is also good for humans and animals that are functioning quite normally.

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Reiki is not meant to be used in place of medical care. If your pet is experiencing problems, the recommended first treatment is for your veterinarian to assist your animal.

After seeking medical assistance, if your pet is recovering, is stressed or ill or just not like his/her/their normal self, Reiki may be a comforting component for his/her/their wellness.

Marshall giving (and receiving!) Reiki with a cat.

Reiki for Today offers first time, in-home animal Reiki treatments for a fee of $70.

This fee covers locations within Asheville or within 10 miles from Pack Square, Asheville's city center.

In-home follow-ups are $50. Packages (below) are also available to save money for future treatments.

For locations outside of Asheville, the first in-home treatment fee is $80.

This fee applies to homes located between 10+ and 25 miles from Asheville's city center, Pack Square.

In-home follow-ups are $60. Packages (below) are also available to save money for future treatments.

* Please contact me with any requests for fee adjustment or if your home is located outside of the parameters listed above.

Packages are available!

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Looking for frequent treatments? Care Plans are now available for one or two treatments per month!

Animal Reiki can be very effective. This is a tight package of four treatments: two in-home and two remote. The practitioner must have the permission of the animal in order for the treatment to take place.

The best practice of this use would be within the timeline or a month or two, but it is up to the animal and the guardian to decide frequency.

After using both the in-home and distant treatments, if you find your pet could benefit from more in-home sessions, you may add those on at the followup rate.

I have worked with animals in the same room and from many miles away and Reiki is effective in both cases. Working with animals is such an honor for me. I am amazed by the inner wisdom and strength they possess and I feel humbled in their presence. My own dog loves Reiki and he's so used to it now, he nearly goes limp when I put my hands in position. :)

This package is designed for pets who benefit from more than a couple Reiki treatments or need more frequent sessions. If your pet loves and responds well to hands-on treatments, this is a great option!

The All Paws Package includes 4 in-home treatments that can be stretched out over a month or two. You save $10 a piece on the 3rd and 4th session (2nd and 3rd follow-ups).

If you want to extend this package after your pet has enjoyed these four in-home treatments, you will continue the next 4 hands-on sessions at the $40 rate. Another option for extension would be to add 2 hands-on sessions at $40 ($20 savings) and 2 remote sessions at $25 ($20 savings).'s not exactly a spa day and it's not exactly a couples' treatment, but it is the sweetest package we could work out for you and your pet.

The Best Friends Package can be used within the time range of 1-2 months. It includes a treatment and follow-up for both the pet and the pet's human. ;)

Please note: Animal reiki sessions are done in the animal's home to ensure the most healing and relaxation for the pet. The guardian's treatment sessions, however, are done at a separately scheduled time in the Reiki for Today office/treatment space. This is how both the pet and the pet's human get the full experience and most healing potential.

Have more than one pet? With custom packages and care plans available, you can treat the whole fuzzy family!

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