Reiki During COVID-19

COVID-19 Statement:

Reiki for Today will be offering ONLY remote/distance Reiki treatments to animals and people until further notice.

The Rad Reiki Program, which is already a remote service, will continue as usual, as will Patreon remote benefits.

Reiki has always been used in person AND by distance sessions. I am grateful to be able to work from my home and send Reiki over a distance to people and animals. At this time where physical distance is required for the safety of our community, the idea of a Reiki treatment may seem a little different than how we usually think of it.

Reiki is no less powerful at a distance. The true benefits of in-person treatments are being in the same room with your practitioner and the bonus of hands-on or hovering. For remote treatments, recipients must make an effort to avoid distractions in their personal spaces. I do not use video conferencing or phone calls during sessions because they're not necessary! Grateful for that because we are likely screened-out by now. :)

Appointments may be made by calling or texting 828-585-5995 or emailing (It is not necessary to make any purchase from this page first.)

If you'd like to pre-purchase gift certificates for in-person treatments, please check out Gift Certificates and Current Promotions.

I look forward to working with you and your pets in person again as soon as is reasonable. I take seriously the risks to all parties involved.

Until then, please be gentle and caring with yourselves, use safe practices and hold your fuzzy friends close. They need your love just as much as you need their love.

In warmth & solidarity,


A word about our animal companions:

Yes, they are looking out for you and likely following you around. Your pets may love having you home so much. Keep in mind, they feel ALL this and what you are feeling, too. They may be confused by all that's going on, the different energies and changing moods.

Talk to them, even if you feel silly. They can understand more words than you think and they certainly understand your intention. Keep your agreements with them. When they are uneasy, make sure they know you're keeping them safe. Show them love as often as you can and tell them how grateful you are for all they do for you, that you're going through this together. <3

1) If you are having a rough time and/or are concerned about your pet, I am available remotely for treatments. (No screens necessary during session!) Distance sessions with animals have been ongoing and are often helpful to facilitate animals' rest and resilience.

2) If you are making plans to return to work outside your home, please feel free to contact me for a consultation, free of charge. I would love to offer some tips to help you and your family (animal and human) transition more smoothly into your next phase of reality! :)

To schedule, call or text 828-585-5995 or email

Gift certificates are also available to purchase now and use later! <3

And the Rad Reiki sliding scale subscription service is a great option if you'd like to sponsor someone else in monthly healing send-outs.

Thank you for your support, sharers and patrons. I deeply appreciate you all!

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