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This podcast focuses on self-healing, energy, and everything relative. I share my experience and what has helped me and offer invitation to try new things. We don't live (or heal) in a vacuum so I try to pair episodes up with current events and challenges in our collective environment. I am not a therapist, just a general enthusiast about coping skills. The podcast is never a substitute for professional services or medical advice. Cup of Cope is an independent podcast, just getting fired up!

Latest Episodes by most recent release date:

  • Self-Forgiveness: A Practice of Self-Love- Tuesday, April 7, 2020
  • The Election and the Heart Chakra- Friday, March 20, 2020

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Show Notes:

02. Self-Forgiveness: A Practice of Self-Love

Episode 2 is about the act of writing an apology to yourself so you can start self-forgiving. I will include my official 9th step self-amends on Patreon. I talk a little about what the benefits of self-forgiveness and self-compassion are. I encourage you to inform a close friend, member of your support system or therapist if you decide to start doing this practice in case you need to check in or if the process is overwhelming for you. And take lots of breaks! We've got some time to work with here, right?

It can be super empowering to write an apology and begin the life-long work of self-forgiveness. You can use this as a journaling exercise OR record yourself reading/speaking your apology. You'll want it to be in second person, using "you" as you talk to yourself. And if you feel comfortable, another layer of freedom can often be accessed by having a close friend read the letter to you.

I hope you'll find this beneficial on your path to cultivating more self-love! <3

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Resources mentioned = ACA:

Stanford Medicine article on Self-Forgiveness:

"Greatest Love of All" - Whitney Houston:

Washington Post with Brene Brown's about exhaustion as a status symbol:

Mary Poppins:

01. The Election, The Virus and The Heart Chakra

First episode! Lately, I've noticed my heart chakra closing down a great deal when I'm out in the world lately and I've had an influx of clients working on heart chakra stuff. With the state of the election compounded by the virus frenzy and the dread of things getting more chaotic before it is all over, I didn't want to wait! I wanted to speak up about what I've been thinking and feeling and to offer an activity that could help you tap into your heart. Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoy! :)

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My heart goes out to all people and pets experiencing anxiety during this time, all those affected first-hand by the virus and those concerned about loved ones here and abroad.

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