Distance Reiki

Sometimes known as Remote Reiki

Distance/Remote Reiki is used in Reiki for Today's sliding-scale Radical Reiki Program.

What is Remote Reiki?

Reiki is not limited by distance because it transcends time and space. Distance Reiki is not limited to places either as it can be sent to past, present and future events as well.

Reiki does not change the course of history in the past. Rather, it can help balance residual effects. Channeling Reiki to difficult events in the past can allow improvement in emotional balance in the present as it offers up emotions to be healed. I have sent Reiki to traumatic events in my past and have found a new sense of calm in relation to those events.

My most frequent remote use of Reiki is to channel healing energy to people and animals. Weekly, I send Reiki to my loved ones and family and in service to world peace.

What's the process?

There are different ways that Reiki Practitioners perform distant healing sessions with key elements remaining the same. Without getting into too many details, this is my structure for sending Reiki remotely.

I use Reiki symbols and I do not send Reiki without permission from the recipient.

I have a quiet physical and mental space for sending Reiki. I set the space for ceremony and ask that the area be surrounded in universal love and light. I settle into meditation and grounding.

I connect with the energy, asking to be the best channel in service to the highest good of the recipient. When I feel a good flow of the energy, I connect with the recipient. I use a photo or visualization to do this. In some cases, I'll use a surrogate to pay specific attention to the chakras of the recipient.

When the session is over, I disconnect with a personal prayer for the recipient’s highest good and thank the recipient and Reiki.

Remote Reiki treatments are scheduled with the recipient and are 60 minute sessions with followup communication about the session.

Remote Reiki treatments for animals are scheduled and it is preferred the animal's guardian be nearby during those sessions. Remote Reiki for animals typically last between 40-60 minutes.

*Rad Reiki sendouts are between 5-15 minutes per recipient.

Distance Reiki is one of many ways to connect with the healing energy, especially if unable to be in person for a session. The experience is different but the benefits are no less powerful.

Okay, I get it. But tell me about in-person treatments.

I heard I could sponsor a friend or an animal in the Radical Reiki Program! I want to know more.