Frequently Asked Questions & What to Expect in a Treatment

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"What happens during a Reiki session?"

Before the first session, the recipient/client will fill out a brief intake form. Recipients are free to discuss what's been going on, what they've been struggling with or what they want from healing. Payment is also accepted before the treatment.

The client is fully clothed with exception to shoes before lying on the massage table. (If a client prefers a seated position, there is a chair available.)

Unless otherwise noted as preference, the Reiki healing session will be hands-on with very gentle touch. (Reiki can also be given through the hands hovering over the client's body.)

The practitioner will ask for Reiki to flow through the recipient for her/his/their highest level of healing.

There are traditional hand positions for the practitioner to follow when giving Reiki to the recipient. These positions are suggested to help the flow of energy throughout the body. Depending on the recipient's preference, there may be more focused attention on certain areas. Reiki will go wherever it is needed as it reinforces the recipient's own healing processes.

During the session, the recipient may want to discuss or ask questions or may choose to remain completely silent and just focus on the flowing energy and warmth of the practitioner's hands. The recipient is welcome to give oneself permission to fall asleep. The journey to a relaxed state is often a matter of personal preference.

Depending on the recipient's needs, the practitioner may facilitate a visualization to help the client focus in on the energy and feel more deeply calm.

If time allows, the client may be asked if there were any positions to revisit that felt especially helpful during the treatment.

"What does it feel like?"

The experiences of Reiki are as varied as the recipients! How wonderful is that?! :)

People's experiences often point to the original reason for seeking Reiki. For example, Reiki may help someone with anxiety and therefore may produce a calming effect for many days later. Another person may be using Reiki because they've been low on energy or feeling unmotivated. That person may experience an extended boost in their energy and focus.

I think it is important to note that imbalances and/or internal processes need not be understood (by the recipient OR practitioner) for healing to occur. Therefore, the effects are unique to the recipient. No matter what was "known" before a treatment, Reiki reinforces the inner wisdom of the recipient.

Some people note tingling sensations during Reiki sessions and others say they don't feel anything out of the ordinary. I have heard people say they feel more energetic or calm after their session or that they notice colors to be brighter. Some people claim to notice change immediately after or during a session while others may notice changes days later. Some people may not notice any physical sensations during the session or after.

"How do I know if it is working?"

What you feel is unique to who you are. What people feel does not always discern whether or not they are healing. Reiki is working for you whether or not you are physically aware of it.

I encourage recipients to try to tune into their bodies, minds and worlds a little more closely after a session. It may be helpful to make notes in a journal for the following days. Reiki is not about curing but rather about healing. Subtle changes may arise as Reiki works with your inner wisdom toward your highest good.

"How do I schedule a first appointment for me or for my pet?"

You may visit the scheduling page to fill out a form for your first session. If you'd like, you can use one of the buttons below to go directly to the appropriate form.

You're also welcome to contact me by email at marshall@reikicarefortoday.com or by calling 828-484-2415 and leaving your information so I can call you back.

"How much does a Reiki treatment cost?"

The current rates are $35 for a 30 minute treatment and $65 for a 60 minute treatment. For your first appointment, you may factor in 10-15 minutes extra time for talking over your needs and answering any questions you might have. Reiki treatments for people are scheduled and offered in the Reiki for Today treatment space.

For established clients, I also offer a 90 minute treatment for $90.

Animal Reiki treatments are offered in the home of the animal and are $70 for the first session and $50 for follow-up sessions.* The first appointment is about an hour but could be a little more or a little less depending on the needs of the animal.

Packages are available & save on treatment costs. (Next FAQ addresses this!)

*(These are rates for homes in Asheville or within 10 miles of the city's center. Beyond that scope, the cost is $80 and follow-ups are $60.)

"Are there packages available for multiple sessions?"

Yes! Packages are available for multiple sessions. There are several available for both humans and animals. Packages are designed so they may be added on after the first session so there's no need to buy a package now You're welcome to come in for your first session and then decide.

If you're looking to have multiple sessions, the General Wellbeing Package might be a good choice for you. This package includes 4 sessions stretched over a month or two months and it saves $35 on that total. You can see it below.

To learn more about packages, please visit the Packages page.

"Do you offer Distance Reiki or Remote Reiki?"

Yes! As a matter of fact, I now have a subscription service available that is devoted to remote Reiki and it is sliding scale. With Reiki being sent remotely, you can live or travel anywhere in the world and receive the benefit. Click on the button below to find out more about the Rad Reiki Program.

There is also an Animal Reiki package that includes 2 in-home treatments and 2 distant treatments. And there are more packages being rolled out soon that will include distance Reiki treatments as well. Stay tuned!

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You’re welcome to email me with any questions at marshall@reikicarefortoday.com or call 828-484-2415 and leave your information.

I’m usually able to return messages within 1-2 business days. I look forward to working with you!

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