Reiki for People

Gently reinforcing one's inner wisdom for self-healing

About Reiki for Humans (and other bipedal beings)

If you’ve heard of ch’i, qi or prana, you already know more about reiki (with a lowercase r) than you might have thought! The word reiki refers to the universal life force energy that enlivens us. We all have access to this energy as do all living things.

Reiki (with a capital R) is a relaxation technique that supports your body in healing however it needs to heal. It involves gentle touch (or hovering) from the practitioner (as a channel for the energy) in order to move around reiki (or ch’i, qi, prana). The balancing of this energy creates a state of wellness in us. Reiki encourages the body’s own process for healing and breaks up blockages or imbalances in the body/mind/spirit of the recipient.

Photos by Brit Davis.

People often group Reiki and acupuncture into the same category because one of the objectives of acupuncture is to balance qi. Acupuncture uses needles in order to achieve this and Reiki uses gentle touch. Both techniques can feel like a recharge to the recipient after the process and can feel like deep relaxation during the process. (PS: I love acupuncture and use it in addition to Reiki!)

The person receiving Reiki (you?!) is known as the recipient. This person is fully clothed except for shoes. The recipient lays on a massage table for the duration of the session. (Reiki can also be performed with the recipient in a chair but the table is preferable for energy flow and potential for relaxation.)

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In my studies, my instructor said something that really struck a chord with me. It meant something because it gave me relief and comfort for my own life and healing process. Additionally, it inspired me even more to offer Reiki as an agent of positive change for others.

We do not have to understand or be able to articulate any blockages or imbalances within the mind/body/spirit in order for healing to occur.

What does that mean?

Reiki seeks out what needs a little extra care within us whether or not our minds know where it is, what to call it or why it might need the care.

Reiki goes to wherever it is needed and your own inner wisdom and natural energy flow guides the process. Essentially, the recipient is in charge of how much energy is received but does not have to think about it or try to direct it. We have more potential for healing when relaxed so that we can unwind some of the stress or pain that has built up blockages over time.

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