Animal Reiki Packages

Woohoo! Reiki for Today offers packages for pets!

If you're ready to see if your pet can benefit from Reiki, please keep these in mind. They are built so that you can add the rest on after your pet's first treatment experience.

*Packages are in development for horses and remote animal treatments!

Looking for a treatment or two each month for your pet? Check out our Care Plans!

This package is designed for pets who benefit from frequent sessions spread over a month or two. It is a great option for pets dealing with acute illness or getting used to a new home or new members of the home. Another excellent use of this package is for when guardian is going through a transition or otherwise difficult time and the pet is responding to that. Many animals show their internal discomfort/grief through displaying lower energy, digestive trouble or sudden changes in behavior.

Working with animals is such an honor for me. I am amazed by the inner wisdom and strength they possess. They often just "get" Reiki in a way that humans don't. We live so much from our minds and sometimes find it difficult to stay in the present moment. This is not the case with most animals so they are generally quite responsive! My dog loves Reiki and he's so used to it now, he closes his eyes almost immediately. (He even responds when I say the "R" word around the house!)

The All Paws Package includes 4 in-home treatments and you save $10 a piece on the 3rd and 4th session (2nd and 3rd follow-ups). When fulfilled, if you want to extend this package after your pet has enjoyed these four in-home treatments, you will continue the next 4 hands-on sessions at the $40 rate. Another option for extension would be to add 2 hands-on sessions at $40 ($20 savings) and 2 remote sessions at $25 ($20 savings).

Please note: The practitioner must have permission by the animal in order for the treatment to take place.

Ready to schedule? Visit the Scheduling page now!'s not exactly a spa day and it's not exactly a couples' treatment, but it is the sweetest package for you and your pet! The Best Friends Package can be used within the time range of 1-2 months. It includes a treatment and follow-up for both the pet and the pet's human. ;)

Please note: Animal reiki sessions are done in the animal's home to ensure the most healing and relaxation for the pet. The practitioner must have permission by the animal in order for the treatment to take place. The guardian's treatment sessions, however, are done at a separately scheduled time in the Reiki for Today office/treatment space. This is how both the pet and the pet's human get the full experience and most healing potential.

Ready to schedule? Visit the Scheduling page now!

The Good Grief for Grieving Animals Tri-Treatment Package is designed for animals who have lost a person, other pet companion in the home, or have been newly homed or re-homed.

Good Grief is a one-time package offering for animals at a savings of $35.

To learn more, inquire about a custom package or to schedule your first session, feel free to email or use the get in touch form.