Good Grief Program

Tri-Treatment Packages for People and Animals

Discounted Tri-Treatment Packages:

for soul and psych-ache + for grieving or newly homed animals

The Center for Complicated Grief* at Columbia University describes grief this way:

"Grief is the response to loss of something meaningful."

Good Grief is set up for those whose lives have been affected by the loss or death of someone else (or for animals, an abrupt ending to a relationship such as moving to a new home or losing another animal in the home).

These packages were created for people and animals who have lost people and/or animals.

They are best applicable for acute and integrated grief.

Grief can be pervasive and overwhelming at the onset of loss. It touches every area of our lives and that makes it very difficult to compartmentalize. It is often even difficult to make sense of what is going on inside us and to articulate what the heart is feeling.

Over time, many experience integrated grief where the process is not over but life becomes more manageable. One might remember their loved one while gardening or when they see a reminder of that person. Life is a bit steadier.

***If you're experiencing more complicated symptoms of grieving, you may wish to seek professional help. Local therapists specializing in grief and bereavement are listed here. [See also: Open Path Collective, All Souls Counseling and Blue Ridge Community Health for sliding scale options.]

Reiki can encourage healing whether or not we can understand or express what's going on within us, which makes Reiki a great complement to anything other positive steps we're taking through this process.

The Good Grief for Soul & Psych-ache Tri-treatment Package is designed for people who are within two years of their grieving process. It offers 3 Reiki treatments at a discounted rate. Additionally, at the second session, you'll receive a customized aroma blend based on your specific needs for healing.

The Good Grief for Grieving Animals Tri-Treatment Package is designed for animals who have lost a person, other pet companion in the home, or have been newly homed or re-homed.

Animals' experience of grief can be shown through behavior changes, digestive problems and their levels of energy. If you've recently adopted a pet, this package may be right for you.

I have seen Reiki work well for dogs with sluggish digestion or frequent vomiting and with cats who have been either lower or higher energy after losing/no longer having relationships with their familiar people.

These are both one-time package offerings at a savings of $35-$45.

Your Good Grief package may be purchased by clicking one of the images above. After purchase, please fill out the scheduling form below or call 828-484-2415 to schedule your first treatment.

If you've finished with your package and would like to continue, please take a look at the Packages Page, where packages are offered for Grief and Loss, Recovery and Animal Reiki.

Quick note on other types of grief:

I believe a lot of life has threads of grief, whether or not a death has occurred.

If your situation doesn't quite fit this model but you believe Reiki could benefit your experience of grief, let's talk about it.

Do you have a friend or family member who is grieving?

*Learn more about The Center of Complicated Grief at the Columbia School of Social Work, New York, NY.