Reiki Trades for Racial Justice

A Rad Reiki Project

If you're BIPOC, you are welcome to a half hour of remote/distance Reiki.

Please fill out the form, skipping the donation question, and continue to scheduling below. This can be for you or your animal companion!

To be clear: QTPOC, you are absolutely included! Please and thank you for receiving this service.

For non-Black/non-BIPOC folks:

Donate $30+ to an organization below to receive a half hour of remote/distance Reiki.

The session can be for you, your animal companion or you can gift it to someone else *with their permission*. We don't need Zoom for this! :)


I would LOVE for you to share this! I am asking that non-BIPOC folks please share through text or email, NOT ON social media and encourage those you share this with to do the same.

I want to support the airways being open for BIPOC leadership and voices to be seen and heard right now. I posted it once but I don't want it shared excessively on FB and Instagram. I'd rather it be shared quietly so that I, as a white person, am not taking up unnecessary space on the stage right now.

You're welcome to use either of the images in this section and add the URL with it ( which DOES require the www part.)

Location is irrelevant for remote Reiki, so it can go way beyond local! Help me get more money to these organizations creating change. We must heal this wound. Our lives- as a society, as a global community, as a human beings- depend upon it.


I have estimated that I can schedule 6 sessions each week. These break down into 3 sessions for BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color) and 3 sessions for folks donating through this project. I have scheduled hours for this project on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week.

I will assess as I go to ensure my own wellness which keeps my channel clean and clear. I want to manage the sustainability for me so that I can keep it up long-term. Ideally, however long it takes!

There is a possibility of wait times, depending on how many take me up on this. I hope many do! The benefits are multiple right from the start! Giving makes you feel good! <3

Thank you in advance for participating in this project, for giving & for receiving.

To get started...

1) Fill out the form below.

I have provided links in the form to make it easy to make your donation. If you find it hard to choose, I invite you to narrow it down to the first 3 options and pick from there. :)

You may have to click on a button that looks like this:

Next Step...

2) Schedule below!

There will be some agreements to confirm and a chance for you to provide any more information you choose.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner or attuned at the second level, and you'd like to help with this project OR participate in a group share for these efforts, please email me with the subject line Reiki Share for Racial Justice.