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The Radical Reiki Program

"Rad Reiki" is a sliding scale subscription service to sponsor remote Reiki for someone on a monthly basis.

Rad Reiki was developed to benefit those who must expend extra energy on a daily basis. It was built as a practical model to start giving back to animals in need and any folx who exist in the margins of society.

I want Rad Reiki to help to level the playing field for folx and animals.

In my experience, frequent Reiki treatments encourage more progress in recipients over time.
Rad Reiki keeps a steady line of regular Reiki send-outs to help recipients' inner-balance and self-healing processes.

My intention with this program is to help people and animals increase their own resilience & self-connection/self-wisdom/self-guidance. Reiki works with the highest good of all involved. Though we cannot know what that is for each person or animal, it is my hope that as time passes, recipients feel a substantial boost to their inner strength and notice positive changes in how they show up to themselves and to the world. Though it is named "Radical Reiki," taking care of one another is not a radical concept.

This is a monthly subscription service for a sliding scale fee.

For as little as $10 per month, you can sponsor a loved one (human or animal) to receive Reiki remote send-outs every week!

If you'd like to receive your own remote reiki energy, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon!

Who could benefit from sponsorship in The Rad Reiki Program?

  • activists, punks, LGBTQIA, people of color, marginalized folks, anarchists, radical-thinkers and anyone who is perpetually being judged or ignored by society

  • folks who want to enjoy benefits of Reiki healing but don't necessarily have the funds for regular sessions

  • animals who have been re-homed or have lost a member of their family unit (person or another animal)

  • animals with health concerns, acute injuries or chronic conditions

  • those who don't have the time availability for regular treatments

  • folks who already experience Reiki treatments and want a little extra healing energy for current life challenges or crises

  • people who are in caregiving roles in their homes or in professions who could use an extra boost to their routine self-care strategies

  • aging animals who could benefit from Reiki for quality of life maintenance

  • an animal you fostered or did care-giving for at one time who is no longer in your home or daily life

  • anyone in need of a little extra energetic support and balance

  • highly sensitive people and empaths who can become depleted or fatigued by the emotional energy of others

  • anyone working to strengthen their personal boundaries

  • those who are looking to deepen their connection to spirit

  • an animal companion of a friend or family member without resources for Reiki treatments

Since the Radical Reiki Program works solely to send Reiki remotely, the recipient's geographical location is inconsequential. Folks can receive Reiki anywhere in the world which makes Rad Reiki available to everyone!*

*Yes! Reiki can be sent to other planets but please let me know in advance if you're headed into the greater galaxy. I'm mainly asking because I may want to tag along. :)

Ready to gift Rad Reiki? Here's how!

Fill out the form* below to indicate your choice and send necessary information to Marshall.

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In the next few days, use the email "Review Project 'Rad Reiki #' by Reiki for Today" to confirm your subscription and use our secure processing system to enter your payment information.

You're all set!

Thank you for taking part of the Radical Reiki Program.

Click here if you're a Rad Reiki Sponsored Person (aka Raddest Recipient) and you've been sent here to get started!

What is Distance/Remote Reiki? How is a Rad Reiki sendout different than a Remote Reiki Treatment? Click here to learn more.