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The Radical Reiki Program

"Rad Reiki" is a sliding scale subscription service to receive remote Reiki on a monthly basis.

Rad Reiki was designed for those who have to expend energy standing up for who they are on a daily basis.

You are not alone.

This is a monthly subscription service of sliding scale. For as little as $3 (+ tax) per month, a person can receive Reiki remotely each month.

There are 3 options available based on frequency for you or your pet. You can choose to have Reiki sent to you once per month or as often as every week.

Who could benefit from The Rad Reiki Program?

  • activists, punks, LGBTQIA, anarchists, radical-thinkers and anyone who is perpetually being judged or ignored by society
  • folks who want the benefit of Reiki healing but don't necessarily have the funds for regular sessions
  • those who don't have the time availability for regular treatments
  • folks who already experience Reiki treatments and want a little extra healing energy to be sent to them between sessions
  • people who are in caregiving roles in their homes or in their professions who want to boost their self-care
  • folks who would like to send extra TLC to their pet (or someone else's pet through Raddest Reiki)
  • anyone in need of a little extra energetic support and balance
  • highly sensitive people and empaths who end up depleted by the emotional energy of others
  • anyone working to strengthen their personal boundaries
  • those who wish to deepen their connection to spirit

Since the Radical Reiki Program works solely to send Reiki remotely, your geographical location is inconsequential. You can live or travel anywhere in the world and receive Reiki which makes Rad Reiki available to any human residents of the world!*

*Yes! Reiki can be sent to other planets but please let me know in advance if you're headed beyond Planet Earth. I'm mainly asking because I will probably want to tag along. :)

How do I sign up?

1.) Review the choices of Rad Reiki I, II, III and Raddest Reiki below.

2.) Fill out the form* below to indicate your choice and send necessary information to Marshall.

Yes, of course you can enroll your pet in the Radical Reiki Program!

(Incidentally, if you want to sponsor someone else's pet, please enroll through Raddest Reiki.)

Please note: If you're enrolling your pet, please fill out this form on the animal's behalf. You will notice some questions are obviously meant to be answered about a person. Until a Rad Reiki Pet form is available, feel free to be creative in answering the required questions.

3.) In the next few days, use the email "Review Project 'Rad Reiki #' by Reiki for Today" to confirm your subscription and use our secure processing system to enter your payment information.

*Because the form asks for a photo/file to be uploaded, it requires you to sign in with a Google account. However, if you do not have one (or do not want to use it), use this link below and I will email or text you for the photo/file after I receive your form submission.

The Rad Reiki Program promotes sustained resiliency for combating societal norms & speaking truth to power.

BONUS! If you are local or are traveling to Asheville:

After being a Rad Reiki subscriber for 3 months, you'll gain $5 off a scheduled, in-person, 60-minute Reiki session at the Reiki for Today space. (The $5 off could be applied to an in-home Pet Reiki treatment.)

You're all set!

Thank you for being part of the Radical Reiki Program.

Click here if you're a Raddest Reiki Sponsored Person and you've been sent here to get started!

What is Distance/Remote Reiki? Click here to learn more.