Rad Reiki

for the Raddest- like you!

You've been chosen to receive monthly Reiki sendouts as part of this unique sponsorship program!


And welcome to the Rad Reiki Program. Please use the form below.* :)

Yes, of course an animal can be sponsored through Rad Reiki!

Please note: If an animal is being sponsored, the guardian will need to fill out this form on the animal's behalf. You will notice some questions are obviously meant to be answered about a person. Until a Raddest Pet form is available, feel free to be creative in answering the questions about your pet!

To fill out the form, you may have to click on a button that looks like this:

*Because the form asks for a photo/file to be uploaded, it requires you to sign in with a Google account. However, if you do not have one (or do not want to use it), use this link below and I will email or text you for the photo/file after I receive your form submission.

Want to know more about the Rad Reiki Program? Click here!